BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Persons in Krugersdorp RC Tent: 685 (17)

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137623MasterBoshoff, Andries Petrus
137622MissBoshoff, Cath MagCatherina [DBC 76]; Catrina Magdalena
137626MissBoshoff, Eliz JacElizabeth [DBC 76]; Elizabeth Jacomina
137620MrsBoshoff, Elizabeth Jacomina
137633MissBoshoff, Johanna Elizabeth
137627MasterBoshoff, Johannes JJan [DBC 76]; Jacobus Johannes
137624MasterBoshoff, Josef FredFrederik [DBC 76]; Joseph Frederick
137625MissBoshoff, Maria SusMaria [DBC 76]; Maria Susanna
137621MasterBoshoff, Tobias PeterTobias Pieter [DBC 76]; Tobias Petrus
142027MissPretorius, Anna M
142023MrsPretorius, Anna Maria CathAnna Maria Cornelia
142026MissPretorius, CatherinaCath Gert
142025MissPretorius, FransinaFransinna
142030MrPretorius, Jacob Stefanus
142028MasterPretorius, Jan
142024MissPretorius, Martha M C
142029MasterPretorius, Stefanus

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