BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Persons in Wentworth RC Tent: 565 (15)

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126824MissGrobler, Anna Maria
126825MissGrobler, Elsie Susanna
126823MissGrobler, Gertruida Jacoba
126826MissGrobler, Johanna Hendrina
126821MasterGrobler, Johannes ChristoJohannes Christian
126820MrsGrobler, Maria Johanna
126822MasterGrobler, Nic JohannesNicolaas Johannes
131602MissSwarts, Aletta Catharina WilhelminaSwart, Aletta Catrina Wilhelmina
131604MissSwarts, Cornelia Johanna PetronellaSwart
131600MasterSwarts, Cornelis JacobusSwart, Cornelis Johannes
131599MasterSwarts, Daniel AndriesSwart
131605MissSwarts, Elsie CathrinaSwart, Elsie Catrina
131603MissSwarts, Johanna ElizabethSwart, Aletta Johanna Elizabeth
131601MasterSwarts, Mattheus Johannes JacobusSwart, Mathewis Johannes
131598MrsSwarts, Michielena JacobaSwart

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