BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Persons in Krugersdorp RC Tent: 48 (19)

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139160MrsHorn, Elizabeth J KEliz Cath Johanna
139162MissHorn, Elizabeth J KElizabeth
139163MissHorn, IsabellaMaria
139161MissHorn, Johanna AJohanna
139159MrHorn, Johannes HJan Martinus Loda
139164MissHorn, Martha MMartha
139752MrKruger, Abraham J
139745MrKruger, Abram
139749MissKruger, Alida JAllida
139748MissKruger, Cecilia JCecilia
139744MrsKruger, Elizabeth Hendrina
139743MrKruger, Jacob Johannes A zoonJacob Johannes
139751MasterKruger, Jacobus J
139750MissKruger, Petronella S
139746MissKruger, Susarah MSusara
139747MissKruger, Susarah van DijkSusanna
143956MasterTheunissen, Christian JChristiaan Jacobus
138247Missvan Dijk, Jacoba Adrianavan Dyk, Jacoba
145787Mrsvan Vuuren, Fredrika Magdalina

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