BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Persons in Krugersdorp RC Tent: 341 (30)

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136769MissBosman, Sara
137233MrBossman, Abram Francois
137234MrBossman, Abram Francois
137235MasterBossman, Daniel Jac
137232MrsBossman, Elizabeth Mary
137236MissBossman, Sara
144297Masterde Villiers, Adrian
144293Mrde Villiers, Adrian G P
144295Missde Villiers, Catherina
144298Mrsde Villiers, Clara Elisabella
144299Masterde Villiers, Cornelius
144296Masterde Villiers, Frans B
144294Missde Villiers, Magdalina
144300Missde Villiers, Maria
138584MasterEls, AndriesAndries Petrus
138582MissEls, Anna
138581MrsEls, Catherina Helena
138583MasterEls, Johannes
138585MrsEls, Maria Joh Elizabeth
138885MissFitschen, AnnaFitchen

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