BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Persons in Krugersdorp RC Tent: 283 (18)

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140230Missde Lange, Elizabeth S KBetty
140225Mrsde Lange, Elizabeth Susanna KElizabeth
140231Missde Lange, GertruidaGertruida
140228Missde Lange, Jacoba F WJacoba
140229Missde Lange, Jenetha KJoenetta
140226Missde Lange, Martina JohannaMartha
140227Missde Lange, Susanna E ESusana
139242MissHarmse, Cornelia Joh
139241MissHarmse, Gertruida Joh
139240MissHarmse, Magdalena . . .first names partly illegible
139239MrsHarmse, Magdalena Judith
139243MissHarmse, Sarah Johfirst names partly illegible
145145Mrsvan der Walt, Anna Maria
145148Mastervan der Walt, CasperCasper Jan Hendrik
145149Missvan der Walt, Hanna SSophia L
145146Mastervan der Walt, Hendrik Joh TjaartHend Joh
145147Missvan der Walt, Johanna MargJoh Marg
145144Mrvan der Walt, Sarel Lod EphefraemSarel Lodewyk Ephriam

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