BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Persons in Krugersdorp RC Tent: 237 (15)

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136877MasterBarnard, Barend Jac
136874MissBarnard, Hester H CHester Louisa
136872MrsBarnard, Hester Helena LouisaHester Louisa
136876MasterBarnard, LucasLukus
136875MasterBarnard, Martinus Chris
136871MrBarnard, Martinus ChristianMartinus Christoffel
136873MissBarnard, Susara M
144600Mrde Villiers, Johan Daniel Eartzak G
141340MrNel, Stefanus Johannes
143816MrStander, Jacobus Casper
144107MrTheron, Abram JacobusAsnale; Abraham Jacobus
145071Mrvan Wyk, Lukus A
145070Mrvan Wyk, Lukus Abram
144207MrsViljoen, Elizabeth Maria
144208MissViljoen, Peternella Sophia

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