BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Persons in Krugersdorp RC Tent: 117 (21)

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145317MrErasmus, Carl Stephanus
145320MissErasmus, Fransinna Efirst names partly illegible
145319MissErasmus, Martha Elizabeth
145318MrsErasmus, Martha Elizabeth
138970MissGrimbeek, Cissie
138968MrsGrimbeek, Sarah Louisa
138969MasterGrimbeek, Wilfred
145386MissGrobler, Anna
145382MrGrobler, Hend Joh
145387MissGrobler, Hendrinafirst names partly illegible
145381MissGrobler, Hester Margaretha
138994MissGrobler, Johanna
145383MasterGrobler, Johannes Lucas
145384MasterGrobler, Petrus Joh
145380MrGrobler, Petrus JohannesGroblaar; P J
144199Mrsvan Vivien, Elizabeth Margarita
144202Mastervan Vivien, Jacobus K
144201Missvan Vivien, Maria J
144203Mastervan Vivien, Nicolas J
144204Mastervan Vivien, Phillipus J

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