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The War at Home - a new book on the camps
Posted on 26/11/2013

Books on the camps are coming out thick and fast! People may be interested in the most recent publication. This is: Bill Nasson and Albert Grundlingh (eds), The War at Home. Women and Families in the Anglo-Boer War (Cape Town, Tafelberg, 2013). This year is the centenary of the unveiling of the Vrouemonument and this volume is partly to commemorate that event. Consequently, it includes two chapters by Albert Grundlingh on the planning and design of the Monument, and another on its changing meanings. Other chapters include Helen Bradford on the bittereinder women, Zelda Rowan on Nonnie de la Rey, Sarah Duff on the children, Sandra Swart on the ‘terribly laughter’ of the Boers, Bill Nasson on black people and the camps and I have contributed two, on daily life in the camps and on the clash of medical cultures.

The book is hardback, very handsome with lavish photographs. It is beautifully designed and a real pleasure to explore.

For those who may be interested there is to be a launch and discussion at Protea Bookshop in Rondebosch, Cape Town, on Saturday, 7 December, 10h30 for 11h00. Bill Nasson and Albert Grundlingh are the speakers and I will be the discussant. All are welcome but Protea would like an RSVP to capetown@proteaboekhuis.co.za or 021-685 9296.

If you are not familiar with Protea Bookshop in Rondebosch, it is quite difficult to find. It is in the Pick'nPay centre, upstairs, at the back and is reached most easily from the upstairs parking area.

Elizabeth van Heyningen
26 November 2013

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