BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Persons in DBC 119 Jacobs Siding RC (52)

(Surname / Surname,Names)

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173740MrBothman, Hendrik
173741MrCelliers, David Abram
173737MrsCilliers, Elizabeth Maria
173738MasterCilliers, Jan GijsbertJan Gysbert
173736MrCilliers, Willem Sternberg
147231MissKriek, Engela Maria AlettaEngela Maria A
150277MrKriek, John ChristianJan Christiaan
147230MrsKriek, Kathrina MariaCatrina Maria
162849MissKruger, Catharina PetronellaCatrina Petronella
162844MrsKruger, Cathrina PetronellaCatharina Petronella; Catrina Petronella
162845MasterKruger, Jacobus Johannes
162847MasterKruger, Jan AdriaanJan Adrian
162848MissKruger, Susara JacobaSusara Jacoba Margrita
173159MissMuller, Martha Maria Magdalena
173158MrsMuller, Susanna Elizabeth
173161MissMuller, Susanna Elizabeth
173160MissMuller, Susara Maria Magdalena
173731MissNordje, Anna Johanna
173732MasterNordje, Barend Petrus
173730MissNordje, Hendrika Petronella

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