BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Persons in DBC 109 Volksrust (367)

(Surname / Surname,Names)

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3671Botha, C G J EG C J; Catroma Getrudina Jacoba Eliz [DBC 109]
2374MasterBotha, Cornelius Johannes
3808MasterBotha, Jan Daniel
166929MsBotha, Johanna Jacoba
3873MissBotha, Judeka SusaraJudith Susanna
3914MissBotha, Maria Elizabeth
3927Botha, Maria MadalenaMaria Mag Susana Christina [DBC 109]
4019MsBotha, Susara SusannaSarah Susannah [DBC 109]
4021MrBotha, Sybrand JohannesSijbrand Johannes [DBC 105]
4032MrBotha, Theunis Louis
4127MissBrandow, Johanna Wilhelmina
4128MissBrandow, Maria CatarinaBrandeau, Maria Catrina [DBC 109]
4186MissBreedt, Susanna PSusara Petronella [DBC 109]
4262MsBreytenbach, Cecelia
4276MissBreytenbach, Johanna Magdalena
4331MissBrits, Christina CorneliaBritz [DBC 109]
4586MasterBudge, Coenraad Fredrik
4671MsBurger, Susanna CBurgher; Susanna Cornelia [DBC 109]
2719MrCalitz, Jan Martinus
2720Calitz, Martinus JohannesMartenus Johannes [DBC 109]
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