BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Persons in DBC 118 Jacobs Siding DR (30)

(Surname / Surname,Names)

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134684MrBronkhorst, Gideon Johannes
134683MrBronkhorst, Willem Johannes
134617Mrsde Beer, AnnaMrs Fredrick
134618Masterde Beer, JoachimJoachim Johannes
134687Mrde Beer, William Christian
133495Masterdu Plessis, Francois Petrusvan der Walt, Francois
134690MrDuvenage, Gert Diedrick Jacobus
134544MissGoosen, AnnaAnna Adriana
134542MrsGoosen, Anna AdrianaMrs Hendrik
134548MissGoosen, EllaElla Johanna
134547MissGoosen, Hester HestrudaHester Gertruida
134543MasterGoosen, Jan HendrickJan Hendrick
134545MissGoosen, Katrina JohannaCatrina Johanna
134546MissGoosen, Sara SusannaSusara Susanna
134101MasterJonker, Jacob JohannesJacob J S D
134682MrLombard, Nicolaas Petrus
134681MrNoordnagel, Isaiah Christoffel P
133609MrsPotgieter, CarolinaMrs Fredrick Jacobus
133610MasterPotgieter, Fredrick DanielFrederick
133487Mrsvan der Walt, Gertruida JacobaMrs Johannes Nicolas

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