BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Persons in DBC 126 Merebank RC (213)

(Surname / Surname,Names)

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145936MissBadenhorst, Aletta Johanna WilhelminaA W
145937MasterBadenhorst, Andries Willem JacobusA J
145934MasterBadenhorst, Casper HendrikC H
145932MissBadenhorst, Christina PetronellaC P
59057MrsBadenhorst, Dahelena SusarrahMrs Bernardus Johannes
145935MissBadenhorst, Elizabeth KathrinaE C
145931MrsBadenhorst, Elizabeth KatrinaE C
146128MrsBadenhorst, Helena Dorothea
145933MissBadenhorst, Zacharia MariaS M
146156MrsBarnard, Anna KatrinaAnna Cathrina, Anna Catrina
146158MissBarnard, Anna KatrinaAnna, Anna Catrina
146161MissBarnard, Elizabetha Johanna MariaElizabeth, Elizabeth Johanna
146162MasterBarnard, Hendrik
146160MasterBarnard, Jacobus CastarusJacobus Casparus
146164MissBarnard, Martha Louisa
146163MissBarnard, Rachael MaghritaRagel Magrita
146159MissBarnard, Susanna Maria JohannaSusanna Eliz, Susanna Maria
146157MissBarnard, Susarah Johanna MariaSusarrah, Sarah Johanna
80982MrsBekker, Johanna AdrianaMarthinus Johannes
62941MrBekker, Martinus JohannesMarthinus Johannes; Martines Johannes

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