BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Persons in DBC 112 Howick RC (1914)

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170842Masterde Toit, Philip Johannes
172033Masterde Venter, Abraham Jacobus
171981Missde Venter, Aletta Sophia
171975Missde Venter, Anna Catrina
172000Missde Venter, Anna Catrina
171940Mrsde Venter, Anna Sophia
172034Masterde Venter, Berand Christoffel7
172036Masterde Venter, Bernard Christoffel
171978Mrsde Venter, Cecelia Magreta
171979Masterde Venter, Christoffel
171735Missde Venter, Elsie Johanna
171999Mrsde Venter, Fredericka Magreta
171983Missde Venter, Helena
171941Masterde Venter, Hendrick Stephanus
171927Missde Venter, Hester Jacoba
172030Mrsde Venter, Johanna Aletta
172032Missde Venter, Johanna Aletta
171976Mrde Venter, Johannes Abraham
172017Masterde Venter, Johannes Jacobus
172015Mrde Venter, Johannes Jacobus
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