BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Persons in DBC 83 Middelburg CR (6857)

(Surname / Surname,Names)

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80534MissAhlers, Tryntje
80378MrAkerman, Rudolf Hendrik
80317MrAlberts, Andries Josefus
80646MrsAnderson, Johannes Daniel
80645MrAnderson, Johannes Daniel
83905MasterAndrews, Willie
113942MissBadenhorst, Anna CatharinaAnna Catrina
80979MissBadenhorst, Anna JohannaAnna Alida
113945MissBadenhorst, Anna Maria MargarethaAnna Maria
80976MrBadenhorst, Casper Hendrik
84559MissBadenhorst, Catharina AlettaCatharina Alida B
80978MissBadenhorst, Catharina WilhelminaKatrina Wilhelmina; Catrina Wilmena
84556MasterBadenhorst, Christian Daniel
84582MasterBadenhorst, Christian Daniel
84581MrBadenhorst, Dirk Cornelis
80977MissBadenhorst, Elizabeth GertrudaElizabetha Gertruida; Elizabeth Gertrude
80975MrsBadenhorst, Elizabeth GertrudeMrs Jacobus Petrus
84557MsBadenhorst, Francina Johanna
81032MrBadenhorst, Frans Hendrik
81031MrBadenhorst, Frans Lodewyk
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