BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Persons in TKP 102 Tvl Government Gazette (5028)

(Surname / Surname,Names)

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2052Abrie, J J
145881MasterAckerman, Johannes Jacobus AAckermann, Johannes Jaobus Abraham
2095MasterAckerman, Petrus JacobusAckermann
9948MasterAckerman, Pieter C E
34044MrAdam, Jim (James)Adlam, James
85713MasterAdendorff, Petrus Johannesongedoopt
2114MasterAdriaan, Willem A
71533MasterAfrica, babychild of Bauchard, Africa or Africa Bauchard
2121MasterAhlers, JacobusAlders
137820MissAkerman, Marijna MAckerman, Maryna Adriana
2129MissAlbertijn, Johanna F
2135MissAlberts, Catharina Maria
116787MissAnderson, Maria C
137858MasterAnderson, Peter L HPieter Lucas Hendrik
71499MissApril, Topsy
137879MissAukamp, Elizabeth MariaOukam; Aucamp, E M
124106MasterAurets, BenedictusOiret, Benedictis
2496MrAustin, Daniel G J
124077MissAustin, Martha MariaAusten, Martha Maria Magdalena Cornelia
124009MasterAustin, PetrusAusten, Pieter

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