BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Persons in TKP 104 Tvl Government Gazette (215)

(Surname / Surname,Names)

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2050MissAbrie, Cornelia Susanna
9950MsAckerman, Hester Johanna Maria
2604MasterBadenhorst, Johannes Jacob
2587MasterBadenhorst, Johannes Johannes
2628MasterBadenhorst, Pieter Johannes
2661MissBannister, Emma Elizabeth Gon
2972MrsBasson, Rachel JohannaRachel Johannes
59574MissBeetge, Cornelia Catherina Adriana
2207MasterBernadie, Gert Laurence Daniel
2210MrBernard, Gysbert
2255MasterBeukes, Johannes Matthias
2262MrBeukes, Philippus Johannes
3292MasterBloem, Adam Johannes
63822MrsBooyse, Martha ElizabethBooysens
3391MasterBooysen, babyson of Frederik Johannes Booysen
3423MasterBooysens, Dirk Johannes
63821MissBosman, Elizabeth F C
3716MrBotha, Frederick
3745MsBotha, Gertruida Susara Susanna
63316MrBotha, Johannes Samuel FrederikJohan Samuel

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