BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Persons in DBC 49 Balmoral CR (253)

(Surname / Surname,Names)

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62962MrBarnard, Andries Zackerius
70920MrBeetge, Gert JohannesBeetje
70917MrBeetge, Johannes AndriesBeetje
70918MrsBeetge, Maria PetronellaBeetje
62992MrBekker, Andries Johannes
80740MrBekker, GodliepBikker; Godlieb
62980MrBekker, Hendrik Jacobus
62931MrBekker, Hendrik Johannes
62940MrBekker, Ignatius Michel
62993MrsBekker, Johanna Maria
62938MrBekker, Johannes JurgensJohannes Gergens
62941MrBekker, Martinus JohannesMarthinus Johannes; Martines Johannes
62939MasterBekker, Petrus Johannes
62937MrBekker, Petrus Johannes
62943MrBernardi, Frederik Jacobus
62955MrBezuidenhout, Christoffel Jacobus
62956MrBezuidenhout, Cornelius Willem
62954MrBezuidenhout, Gerhardus Petrus
62921MrsBezuidenhout, Gert Petrus
85729MasterBezuidenhout, Gert PieterGerhardus Petrus

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