BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Persons in SRC 70 Bloemfontein CR (6463)

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50413Ackerman, C G
104775MissAckerman, Gertruda AlettaL
104774MissAckerman, Hendrina CarolM
104771MasterAckerman, Hermanus ChristoffelM
103951MrAckerman, Jan A
104768MrsAckerman, Johanna Adriana
104773MissAckerman, Johanna Adriana
104769MsAckerman, Magdalena Johanna Marg
104772MasterAckerman, Petrus
104770MsAckerman, Renski Aletta
108258MrAckerman, Willem Hend
56500MrAgerstein, Herman
51388MrAlberts, D
51390Alberts, H
51389MrsAlberts, J
48812MissAlbertse, Anna BreggieAnna B
48811MrsAlbertse, Anna GerbrechtAnna B
48817MasterAlbertse, Hendrik WillemHendrik W
48813MissAlbertse, Hester SophiaHester J
48816MasterAlbertse, Jan HendrikJan H

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