BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Persons in DBC 90 Pietersburg DR (359)

(Surname / Surname,Names)

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37957MissAdendorf, Louisa Danielina StoffelinaAdendorff
2128MasterAlbassini, Lukas WillemAlbasini
2144MasterAlberts, Hendrik Willem
2137MrsAlberts, Katrina WilhelminaCathrina Wilhelmina
2152MasterAlberts, Louis Jeremias Cornelius
2155MissAlberts, Maria Magdalena Elizabeth
2475MrAppelgren, Nicholas JacobusAppelgryn, Jacobus Nicolaas
2479MasterAppelgren, Theodorus AardusTheodorus Aarons, Appelgryn, Theodorus E
2474MasterAppelgryn, Christian Jan PetrusApelgren
35434MasterAshton, Walter McQueen
34644MissBadenhorst, Beatrice
34960MasterBarclay, John
34994MasterBarkhuizen, Cornelius Johannes JacobusCornelius
3040MasterBekker, Freddie
34972MissBeukes, Hester Susanna Louisa
34715MissBezuidenhout, Adriana KatrinaAdriana Catrina
34706MasterBezuidenhout, Cornelius Johannestwin of Johannes Petrus
39103MissBezuidenhout, Elizabetta Elena
34742MasterBezuidenhout, Ferdinand PetrusPhilano Petrus
34717MissBezuidenhout, Petronella Dorothytwin of Petrus Jeremiah

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