BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Persons in RS 31 Cape & Natal DL (446)

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34083MasterBurgher, Stephanus PSept; baby boy [DBC 75]
34492MsCairncross, Petronella Hendrina
34085MasterCarrack, John Charles
34087Coetsee, J H
34493MissCoetzee, Anna Catharinameisje; A C
34088Coetzee, baby
34090Coetzee, baby
44385MasterCoetzee, Carel David
34494MissCoetzee, Emeisje; Coetzer, Elizabeth
77279MissCoetzee, Engela Anna JacobaCoetser; Engela Anna Johanna
34091MissCoetzee, Hester Aletta
34093MasterCoetzer, Philipus Jacob
34094MrCoetzer, Willem Johannes Jacobus
34095MsColloly, Christina Johanna E
34097MasterCraft, Johannes PhillipusJohannes S
34098MrsCraft, Magdalena P
34099MasterCraukamp, Johannes PetrusKroukamp
34104MasterCronje, Christiaan Hendrik
77805MissCronje, Gerbrecht Petronella
34102MrCronje, Philippus Jacobus
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