BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Persons in SRC 05 (254)

(Surname / Surname,Names)

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732DrAnness, Frederick Richard
1219MrAswegen, H Gvan Aswegen
1273MsBarnard, Anna Magdalena
740DrBecker, Henry A
1245MasterBefelbout, Low
22538MasterBekker, Adam Gotlieb
22538MasterBekker, Adam Gotlieb
58164MissBenecke, Johanna WilhelminaJohannes Wilhelm
1061MasterBester, W
1210MrBisseaux, P
1305MasterBosch, Gert Theunis
1283MrBosman, Willem Hendrik
1269MasterBotha, Christoffel Rudolph
671MrBotha, Hendrik Frederick
1103MasterBotha, Samuel J
741Bothma, Christoffel Jacobus
1222MrBothma, J M
665MrBothma, T M

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