BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Persons in Klerksdorp RC (10156)

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152758MasterAhrens, Jacobus
152757MissAhrens, Maria
152754MrsAhrens, Maria Jacoba
152770MissAhrens, Melvina
25567MrAhrens, Wilhelm Fredrick
145241MrAlberts, Jan AbramAlberts, Jan Abraham
158187MrAlbertse, Jan
158956MasterAle, William
152761MasterAlgrijn, MathijsAlygryn, Mathias
152762MissAlgrijn, PhillipinaAlygryn, Philipina
152760MrsAlgrijn, PhillipinaAlygryn, Philipina Maria
152775MasterAlobied, Andrew
152777MissAlobied, Anna
152771MrsAlobied, Anna
152774MasterAlobied, Anthony
152776MasterAlobied, Lewis
152773MrAlobied, Pieter
152772MissAlobied, Rachael
25525MrAnderson, Henry
25526MrsAnderson, Mary Ann
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