BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Persons in Barberton RC (2707)

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70555MissBadenhorst, Jacoba Hendrika
70552MrsBadenhorst, Jacoba Hendrika
111430MasterBadenhorst, Lawrence Michael
71155MrsBadenhorst, Magdelena Henrietta
111426MrsBadenhorst, Maria Elizabeth
111431MissBadenhorst, Maria Elizabeth
111558MrsBadenhorst, Petronella Johanna
71156MasterBadenhorst, Petrus Johannes
111397MasterBallot, Alfred George
111395MissBallot, Elsie Catherina
111396MasterBallot, Hendrik Willem
111398MasterBallot, Johan Stephan
111394MrsBallot, Maria Magdalena
70739MrBardone, EmilBardine, Imiel
70142MasterBarnard, Adam
70143MasterBarnard, Christian
111791MasterBarnard, Hendrik Petrus
70368MrBarnard, Hendrik Petrus
111792MissBarnard, Hester Sophia
70367MrBarnard, Johannes Hendrik
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