BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Persons in Colenso RC (22)

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34619Mrsde Beer, Eilla Magdalena
34620Missde Beer, Eilla Magdalena
34618Mrde Beer, Johannes
34624Mrde Beer, Johannes Frederick Jacobus
34622Missde Beer, NullieNellie
135777Mrsde Jager, Albertus Bernardus
11584Missde Jager, Francina Louisa
11585Mrde Jager, Johannes Jurgens
38442Mrsdu Toit, Dorothy Jacomina Petronella
6259MissDuvenhage, Jacoba Johanna Catrina
10194MsFourie, Johanna Maria
35819MrGericke, Jan Godfreak
35806MissGrobelaar, Maria Petronella
35827MrGrobelaar, Paul Stephanus
35904MissHuman, Susanna Sophia
36362Master yJoubert, babytwin, zoontje van M Joubert
36427MrKunn, Hendrik Johannes
37505MrPotgieter, Willem Jan Hendrik
135776MrsRoos, Jacobus Johannes
25482Mrsvan Aswagen, Anna Gertruida Cecilia

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