BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Personal Details
Name:Dr Clarke
Born in camp? No
Died in camp? No
Registration as head of family:Yes
Notes:29/3/1901: ds Philippolis before the war

31/1/1902: arrived in Johannesburg without permit, effectively destitute
Unique ID:518
Camp History
Name:Norvals Pont RC
Date departure:31/1/1902
Notes:29/3/1901: Superintendent, Norval's Pont to CSRC, asking if he can appoint Dr Clarke as camp doctor in place of Michie; believes he was originally sent to NO to take medical charge of the camp and for political reasons this was undesirable; when the prisoners left he was handed over as a refugee
29/3/1901: CSRC to Secretary, DA, asking if Dr C should be employed; he was arrested some time ago by the troops and suspected of being a Boer sympathiser and spy; neither British nor Boer people seem to like him as a doctor.
30/3/1901: PMO to RSR Camps, Wants to know if he intends relieving Michie by Clarke; originally sent by me to refugee camp but Commandant received orders from your office not to employ him and retain him in camp as refugee.
30/3/1901,Secretary, DA to CSRC, His impression is that he never ought to have been made a pow, though no doubt his doctoring was not acceptable at Philippolis; wants to hear from commandant.
1/4/1901, CSRC to PMO, Bloemfontein, Asking if he intends to remove Michie; doesn't wish to employ Clarke unless obliged, he does not seem to get on with inhabitants.
2/4/1901, Reply, Does not intend to remove Michie but informed that he will probably resign his employment with the army if not relieved from the refugee camp and PMO cannot compel him to serve there.
4/4/1901, JFB ? To CSRC: Is quite sure Dr Clarke is an undesirable & would still keep him as pow but for the fact that the persons who could give evidence against him are all over the country.
Dr Clarke
      is the husband of Mrs Clarke
Title:SRC 19
Reference No.:19
Dates:Jan-Feb 1902
Notes:RC7456, 1/1/1902, Telegram, Buchan to CSRC
Title:SRC 04
Reference No.:04
Dates:Mar-Apr 1901
Notes:RC878, 29/3/1901, Superintendent, Norvals Pont to CSRC and related correspondence

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