BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Personal Details
Name:Dr Ella Campbell Scarlett-Synge
Born in camp? No
Died in camp? No
Camp occupation:doctor
Notes:19/12/1901: Dr S-S, Cape Town, to CSRC: I shall be ready to take up my work again at Norvals Pont if you wish on 1/1/1902. I am staying here until just before then. Lieut Synge and I were married at Durban on Sat last, before the Commission separated. Mrs Fawcett returns by the East Coast route arriving in England about the end of January. It is very hot here and I see now how necessary it is to get up early so as to finish work before the heat of the day.
Nd: CSRC to Wilson: What am I to do with the lady please. They don't want her at Norvals Pont at any price.
22/12/1901: Reply: Miss Scarlett has also written twice to HH, but he has not had the letters yet. I should wait for his return as I think he has views on the subject.

Medical Directory, 1903: London: 46 Cornwall Gardens SW; MD Brux 1900; LSA 1900; LM Dub; (Lond School of Med for Women); Mem BMA; Civil Surg RC Norvals Pont; late Asst Surg Household of HM the Emperor of Korea.

Medical Directory, 1904, P.1618: Bloemfontein; MO Government Normal College and to H School for Girls, Bloemfontein.

1906: in London.
1907: London
1908: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
1909: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
1911: Edmonton; Med Exam Life Insur to Ladies of Maccabees
1912: 315-316 Eitel Building, Seattle, Washington USA; DPH RCPs Irel 1906, LM Rot Hospital Dubl 1900.
1913: Dalles Hospital, The Dalles, Oregon, USA
1914: 401 Westminster Trust Building, New Westminster, BC, Canada
1916: Machkechnie Building, 532, Granville St, Vancouver, BC; on war service Nisch Serbia
1917: On war service Nisch Serbia
1918: On war service Nisch Serbia
1919: On war service Nisch Serbia
1920: On war service Nisch Serbia [* = entries not being changed]
1921: Hon Mrs . . . : Peckham House 112, Peckham Rd SE 15; Asst MO Peckham House; MOH Batochina, Serbia 1915
1922: Peckham, London
1923: Kinderheim, 'Deutsch-America', Nordholz bei Cuxhaven, Germany
1924: Germany
1925: Address uncommunicated; entry much reduced
1926: Address uncommunicated
1927: retired; Pension Castri, Piazza Independenza, Florence, Italy
1928: Florence
1929: Florence
1930: Florence
1931: No address
1932: No entry in directory

LSHTM: Manson/09/05/42
Scarlett, Hon. Ella C
Age: 36
1 Examined as to physical fitness as lady doctor to one of the refugee camps in the ORC.
2. Has lived in the tropics: 9 months in Corea, 15/04/1901
3. Important illnesses: rheumatic fever twice, heart not affected.
5. Father dead: pneumonia; mother alive; 1 brother alive; 2 sisters alive; 2 sisters died in infancy.
7. Alcohol: very temperate
8. Vaccinated: yes as a child.
9. General appearance: height 5'3"; weight 7.10; state of nutrition fair; scar right thigh from surgical treatment of ?

GEC, 'The Complete Peerage of England Scotlan Ireland Great Britain and the United Kingdom' (Gloucester, Alan Sutton, 1982, orig. 1910)
p.51 Abinger
William Frederick Scarlett, 3d Baron Abinger
Abinger Hall, Surrey, of Scots extraction
m. Helen (Ella, Eileen), 2nd da of GA Magruder, Commodore in US Navy
d. 1892, left fairly substantial estate
Unique ID:1983
Camp History
Name:Bloemfontein RC
Date arrival:28/8/1902
Date departure:13/01/1903
Date departure:11/12/1902
Reason departure:dismissed with breaking up of camp; thanked for good work
Notes:22/9/1902: Pern to SRC, Bloemfontein: Dr Scarlett-Synge expresses her thanks for her increase in pay.

14/12/1902: S-S to Dr Mouat, PMO: Asking for a month's salary in lieu of vacation, having had none in 18 months' service.
Title:SRC 35
Type:Correspondence: appointments
Reference No.:35
Dates:Dec 1901-Jan 1902
Notes:A 521: 19/12/1901: Ella Scarlett-Synge to CSRC and related correspondence.
Title:SRC 44
Type:Correspondence: appointments
Reference No.:44
Dates:Aug-Sept 1902
Notes:A1870, 25/8/1902, Hunter to CSRC and related correspondence
Title:SRC 45
Type:Correspondence: appointments
Reference No.:45
Dates:Sept-Oct 1902
Notes:A1968, 22/9/1902: Pern to SRC, Bloemfontein
Title:CO 26A Correspondence
Type:Secretary to the ORC Administration
Location:Free State Archives Repository
Reference No.:26A
Notes:2370/01: List of doctors sailing from England for service in RCs
Title:SRC 47
Type:Correspondence: appointments
Reference No.:47
Dates:Jan-Apr 1903
Notes:A2295, 14/12/1902: S-S to Dr Mouat, PMO
Title:SRC 35
Type:Correspondence: appointments
Reference No.:35
Dates:Dec 1901-Jan 1902
Notes:A 521: 19/12/1901: Ella Scarlett-Synge to CSRC and related correspondence.
Title:SRC 46
Type:Correspondence: appointments
Reference No.:46
Dates:Oct-Dec 1902
Notes:A2257, 11/12/1902: CSRC to SRC, Bloemfontein

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