BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Found 21 matches for District / Town: Maraisburg
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Farm IDFarmTownDistrict
708Bam familyMaraisburg
36257Bickwith familyMaraisburgKrugersdrop
18346de Kock familyMaraisburgJohannesburg
285KlipdriftMaraisburgCape Colony
1854Kriel familyMaraisburgKrugersdorp
2245Mare familyMaraisburg
18345Mr KrugerMaraisburg
18342Nagel familyMaraisburg
31883Pretorius familyMaraisburgKrugersdorp
32289Schaffer familyMaraisburgKrugersdorp
31993Schiffer familyMaraisburgKrugersdorp
3756Stegman familyMaraisburg
33367Stegmann familyMaraisburg
32332van den Heever familyMaraisburgKrugersdorp
32290van der Heever familyMaraisburgKrugersdorp
3253van Rensburg familyMaraisburg
32375van Wyngaard familyMaraisburg
23647Viljoen familyMaraisburgKrugersdorp
32494Viljoen familyMaraisburg
32224Willemse familyMaraisburgKrugersdorp

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