BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Found 49 matches for District / Town: Griqualand
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Farm IDFarmTownDistrict
15565AlbanyGriqualand West
484Appelgryn familyGriqualand
15364Baartman familyGriqualand West
34825Bartman familyGriqualand West
16213BeaconsfieldGriqualand WestCape Colony
11731Bester familyGriqualand West
15373Bezuidenhout familyGriqualand
23239BonnelstHayGriqualand West
34826Booysen familyGriqualand West
32758Bosch familyBoshofGriqualand West, CC
34504CordiniaGriqualand West
15502de Leeuw familyGriqualand West
34872DroogeveldGriqualand West
34883du Plessis familyBarkly WestGriqualand
426Erasmus familyGriqualand WestCape Colony
34568Espach familyBarkly WestGriqualand
34656Gamma RetreatGriqualand West
15600GeelkoppiesGriquatownGriqualand West
34833HartebeestfonteinGriqualand West
12918Hattingh familyGriqualand
15469Jacobs familyGriqualand West
15544KareefonteinGriqualand West
34599KattongGriqualand West
3887KlipdamGriqualand West
15568KlipfonteinGriqualand West
34521KnoffelfonteinGriqualand West
14233LengowGriqualand West
33163Loots familyGriqualand WestCape Colony
23355MelzatHayGriqualand West
15530Mouton familyGriqualand West
15533Nel familyDouglasGriqualand West
15515PaddasfonteinGriqualand West
16422PloegfonteinGriqualand WestCape Colony
15571Read familyGriqualand West
15581Reneke familyGriqualand West
16815RuitjesfonteinGriqualand West
31391Scholtz familyGriqualand West
34870SlangdriftGriqualand West
21672Slijpklip / SlypklipKimberleyGriqualand-West
28871Snijders familyDouglasGriqualand West
24157Snyders familyDouglasGriqualand West
15612Swanepoel familyGriqualand West
14913Theron familyGriqualand
36047Van der Westhuizen familyGriqualand
15638Vermeulen familyGriqualand West
33148WindsortonGriqualand West, CC
36472WitfonteinGriqualand West

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