BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Found 14 matches for District / Town: Geysdorp
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Farm IDFarmTownDistrict
21638Barnard familyGeysdorpLichtenburg
4638Bloem familyGeysdorpLichtenburg
21569Coetzee familyGeysdorpLichtenburg
3956du Toit familyGeysdorp
28996Ferreira familyGeysdorpLichtenburg
33511Gouws familyGeysdorpLichtenburg
1601Joubert familyGeysdorpLichtenburg
21744Kurm familyGeysdorp
21743Kurm familyZeerustGeysdorp, Ottoshoop
36326Maritz familyGeysdorp
28997Sutherland familyGeysdorpLichtenburg
1146van Heerden familyGeysdorpLichtenburg
28998Viljoen familyGeysdorpLichtenburg
28999Zwarenstein familyGeysdorpLichtenburg

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