BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Found 29 matches for District / Town: Burgersdorp
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Farm IDFarmTownDistrict
20357CaledonfonteinBurgersdorpCape Colony
13297de Klerk familyBurgersdorpCape Colony
20042de Kock familyBurgersdorpCape Colony
12216DievenfonteinBurgersdorpCape Colony
33275du Preez familyBurgersdorp
14330EngelhoekBurgersdorpCape Colony
26250FishfonteinBurgersdorpCape Colony
12909Hattingh familyBurgersdorpCape Colony
16894Kruger familyBurgersdorpCape Colony
15059LangfonteinBurgersdorpCape Colony
36327Maritz familyBurgersdorpLichtenburg
15485ModderfonteinBurgersdorpCape Colony
15392OlivenboschBurgersdorpCape Colony
15479OorlogspostBurgersdorpCape Colony
36345Otto familyBurgersdorpLichtenburg
2868Pelser familyBurgersdorpJohannesburg
14215Potgieter familyBurgersdorpCape Colony
14720RietpoortBurgersdorpCape Colony
3337Rogers familyBurgersdorpPretoria
14591Schoeman familyBurgersdorp
36363Smit familyBurgersdorpLichtenburg
14719Snijman familyBurgersdorpCape Colony
3902Swanepoel familyBurgersdorpLichtenburg
22143van Niekerk familyBurgersdorpCape Colony
28422van Niekerk familyBurgersdorpCape Colony
28171van Zyl familyBurgersdorpCape Colony
15052Venter familyBurgersdorpCape Colony

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