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Farm IDFarmTownDistrict
36824Adendorff familyAmsterdam
4634Bisschoff familyAmsterdamErmelo
28532Botha familyAmsterdamErmelo
4747Bothma familyAmsterdamErmelo
33648Bothman familyAmsterdamErmelo
28880Caletz familyAmsterdamErmelo
28533Cronje familyAmsterdamErmelo
28534Davel familyAmsterdamErmelo
28535de Beer familyAmsterdamErmelo
2020de Lange familyAmsterdamErmelo
28536Ford familyAmsterdamErmelo
28562Griffin familyAmsterdam
34365Groenewald familyAmsterdam
13055Hubregeta familyAmsterdamHolland
28563Koester familyAmsterdam
28537Lauffe familyAmsterdamErmelo
2733Norman familyAmsterdamErmelo
33912Roux familyAmsterdam
28538Snyman familyAmsterdamErmelo
28540Trent familyAmsterdamErmelo
36787Van den Schyf familyAmsterdam
28541Wentzel familyAmsterdamErmelo

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