BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Farm Details
Name:De Rust

Owner: Nicholas Harmer; laying waste country used as base by enemy; son on commando (2 houses burnt) [Source: Cd 524, p.5]

18/10/1900: owner: G N Petersen; burnt for laying waste country used as base by enemy (3 buildings burnt); also J J or L C Smit, 1 building burnt; and P Steyn (1 building burnt) [Source: Cd 524, p.5]


Persons on Farm
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  1. Miss Aletta Jacomina Brink Unique ID: 23469
  2. Miss Maria Jacoba Cornelia Delpoort (Maria Jacoba Carolina) Unique ID: 24329
  3. Miss Elizabeth Delport Unique ID: 24333
  4. Miss Hester Jacoba Delport Unique ID: 24336
  5. Miss Margaretha Johanna Delport Unique ID: 24335
  6. Mr Petrus Jacobus Delport Unique ID: 24331
  7. Master Petrus Jacobus Delport Unique ID: 24334
  8. Ms Wilhelmina Hendrina M Delport Unique ID: 24337
  9. Master Francois Johannes du Toit Unique ID: 32333
  10. Master Lukas Hendrik du Toit Unique ID: 32325
  11. Ms Magdalena P Jacoba du Toit Unique ID: 32340
  12. Master Lukas Hendrik Haman (Hendrik) Unique ID: 25730
  13. Ms Glaudina Johanna Hendrika Hamman Unique ID: 25733
  14. Master Lukas Marthinus Hendrik Hamman (Marth Lukas) Unique ID: 25732
  15. Miss Glaudina Johanna Hendrika Hannan (Glandina Johanna Hendrika) Unique ID: 25731
  16. Miss Cathrina Koch Unique ID: 155319
  17. Miss Gezina Koch Unique ID: 155317
  18. Mrs Gezina Maria Koch Unique ID: 155316
  19. Miss Johanna Koch Unique ID: 155321
  20. Master Johannes Koch Unique ID: 155318
  21. Master Johannes Koch Unique ID: 155320

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