BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Farm Details
Name:Uitvlucht / Uitvlek
Persons on Farm
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  1. Master Wm Adrian Dryer Unique ID: 171895
  2. Mr Dirk Johannes Fickel Unique ID: 171798
  3. Mr Geradus Adrian Fickel Unique ID: 171797
  4. Mr Joseph William Fickel (surname unclear) Unique ID: 171796
  5. Miss Pieternella Joubert (Pietronella Magrita) Unique ID: 26656
  6. Miss Elizabeth Johanna Pansegrow Unique ID: 171439
  7. Mrs Gertrude Johanna Pansegrow Unique ID: 171438
  8. Mr Johannes Bartholemus Pansegrow Unique ID: 171437
  9. Miss Margaret Elizabeth Pansegrow Unique ID: 171440
  10. Master Hendrick Petrus Taljaard Unique ID: 171842
  11. Master Jacobus Cornelius Taljaard Unique ID: 171843
  12. Mr Joseph William Taljaard Unique ID: 171844
  13. Mrs Maria Johanna Taljaard Unique ID: 171841
  14. Mrs Elizabeth Johanna Talyaard Unique ID: 171793
  15. Miss Elizabeth Johanna Talyaard Unique ID: 171795
  16. Mr Jacob Cornelius Talyaard Unique ID: 171794
  17. Mr Jacob Cornelius Talyaard Unique ID: 171792
  18. Mrs Anna Catrina Uys Unique ID: 171886
  19. Miss Anna Catrina Uys Unique ID: 171889
  20. Master Dirk Cornelius Uys Unique ID: 171893
  21. Miss Heilna Uys Unique ID: 171888
  22. Master Isaac Daniel Uys Unique ID: 171892
  23. Mr Johannes Jacobus Uys Unique ID: 171887
  24. Miss Judith Adriana Uys Unique ID: 171894
  25. Master Mathias Johannes Uys Unique ID: 171891
  26. Mr Mathias Johannes Uys Unique ID: 171885
  27. Miss Mina Uys Unique ID: 32467
  28. Master William Dreyer Uys Unique ID: 171890

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