BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Farm Details
Name:Spitskop / Spitzkop
Persons on Farm
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  1. Mr Sybrand Johns Barnard Unique ID: 161173
  2. Mrs Margretha M Bolton (Margaritha M M [DBC 107]) Unique ID: 161060
  3. Mr P J Fuhri (Pieter Josef [DBC 107]) Unique ID: 162065
  4. Miss Christina Wilhelmina Kemp Unique ID: 162833
  5. Mrs Dina Carolina Kemp Unique ID: 162828
  6. Miss Dina Carolina Kemp Unique ID: 162830
  7. Mr Joacim Phillipus Kemp (Johacim Phillipus [DBC 107]) Unique ID: 162827
  8. Mr Joacim Phillipus Kemp (Johacim Phillipus [DBC 107]) Unique ID: 162831
  9. Miss Johanna Maria Kemp Unique ID: 162829
  10. Miss Marthina Wilhelmina Kemp Unique ID: 162834
  11. Master Willem Johannes Kemp Unique ID: 162832
  12. Master Gert Johannes Lindeque Unique ID: 163214
  13. Mrs Maria Magdalena Lindeque Unique ID: 163213
  14. Mr Petrus Johannes Lindeque (Petrus Stephanus [DBC 107]) Unique ID: 163212
  15. Miss Jacoba Magdalena Uys Unique ID: 165754
  16. Master Jacobus Johannes Uys Unique ID: 165757
  17. Mr Johannes Gerhardus Uys Unique ID: 165756
  18. Mrs Margaritha Magdalena Uys Unique ID: 165753
  19. Mr Jan van der Schyff (Jan Hendrik Gerhds [DBC 107]) Unique ID: 164982
  20. Master Lucas J van der Schyff (Lucas Johannes [DBC 107]) Unique ID: 164984
  21. Miss Magdalina S van der Schyff (Magdalena Susanna [DBC 107]) Unique ID: 164986
  22. Mrs Magreta M van der Schyff (Mrgaritha Maria M [DBC 107]) Unique ID: 164983
  23. Master Wessel L van der Schyff (Wessel Lourens [DBC 107]) Unique ID: 164985
  24. Miss Magdalena Catherina van der Walt Unique ID: 166218
  25. Mrs Magdalena Fredrika van der Walt Unique ID: 166217
  26. Mr Theunis Sarel van der Walt Unique ID: 166216

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