BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Farm Details
Persons on Farm
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  1. Mrs Anna Catherina Josina Botha Unique ID: 149323
  2. Mr Christian Stefanus Botha (Christian Stephanus) Unique ID: 146229
  3. Master Fredrik Jacobus Botha (Frederik Jacobus) Unique ID: 146225
  4. Master Hendk Christoffel Botha Unique ID: 149327
  5. Mr Hendrik Christoffel Botha Unique ID: 146222
  6. Miss Hester Elizabeth Botha Unique ID: 149328
  7. Miss Hester Jozena Botha (Hester Jozena) Unique ID: 146224
  8. Master Jacobus Johannes Botha Unique ID: 149330
  9. Mr Johannes Petrus Botha Unique ID: 149324
  10. Mr Johannes Petrus Botha Unique ID: 149322
  11. Master Philipus Jacob Botha (Philippus Jacob Rudolph) Unique ID: 146228
  12. Mr Pieter Hendrick Botha Unique ID: 149326
  13. Miss Sophia Magdalena Botha Unique ID: 146226
  14. Miss Sophia Magdalena Botha Unique ID: 149329
  15. Master Stephanus Johannes Botha Unique ID: 149331
  16. Mrs Susana Katrina Botha (Susanna Catherina) Unique ID: 146223
  17. Miss Susana Katrina Botha (Susanna Catherina) Unique ID: 146227
  18. Mr Willem Hermanus Botha Unique ID: 149325
  19. Ms Alida A Bronkhhorst Unique ID: 161226
  20. Ms Susanna J Bronkhorst Unique ID: 161225
  21. Mrs Elizabeth M du Plessis (Elizabetha Magdalina [DBC 107]) Unique ID: 164428
  22. Miss Susanna J du Plessis (Susanna Juliana [DBC 107]) Unique ID: 164429
  23. Master Stefanus Petrus du Preez Unique ID: 146676
  24. Master Abraham Christian Duvenage Unique ID: 146674
  25. Mrs Anna Susana Duvenage Unique ID: 146672
  26. Master Johannes Rudolf Duvenage Unique ID: 146675
  27. Mr Josef Petrus Duvenage Unique ID: 146671
  28. Miss Susana Fransina Duvenage Unique ID: 146673

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