BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Farm Details
Name:Groot Vlei / Grootvlei / Groetvlei / Groenvlei
Persons on Farm
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  1. Mrs Francina Susanna Bailey (Baily, Francina Susana) Unique ID: 149038
  2. Miss Francina Susanna Bailey (Baily) Unique ID: 149041
  3. Miss Jacoba Johanna Bailey (Baily, Johanna Jacoba) Unique ID: 149039
  4. Mr Robert John Bailey (Baily) Unique ID: 146148
  5. Miss Susanna Petronella Bailey (Baily, Susana Peternella) Unique ID: 149040
  6. Master Antonie Jacobus Fourie Unique ID: 149935
  7. Master Christoffel Fourie Unique ID: 151989
  8. Mr John Cornelius Fourie Unique ID: 149937
  9. Mr Josephus Fourie Unique ID: 149938
  10. Master Josevis Fourie (Josefus) Unique ID: 149934
  11. Mrs Maria Catherina Fourie (Maria Katrina) Unique ID: 149933
  12. Mr Marthinus Philippus Fourie Unique ID: 149936
  13. Miss Aleta Odendaal (Schutte, Aletta) Unique ID: 116709
  14. Miss Anna Odendaal (Anna Margrita Maria) Unique ID: 116706
  15. Mrs Jacoba Odendaal (Jacoba Elizabeth) Unique ID: 116704
  16. Master Jacobus Odendaal (Jacobus Johannes) Unique ID: 116705
  17. Mr Samuel Odendaal Unique ID: 150794
  18. Master Samuel Odendaal Unique ID: 116707
  19. Master Willem Odendaal (Willem Adriaan) Unique ID: 116708
  20. Miss Enela Maghrita Scholly (Scholtz, Enela Magrita) Unique ID: 152572
  21. Mrs Enela Maghritta Scholly (Elena Maghrita) Unique ID: 151261
  22. Mr Jan Jacobus Scholly Unique ID: 151262
  23. Mr Tobias Jacobus van den Heever (van Denhever) Unique ID: 147083
  24. Mrs Rachel van Denhever (van den Heever, Rachael Wilh Petr) Unique ID: 149582
  25. Mr Abel Jacobus van Heerden Unique ID: 150157
  26. Mr Abel Jacobus van Heerden Unique ID: 150159
  27. Mr Christian Maritz van Heerden Unique ID: 150162
  28. Mrs Jacoba Johanna van Heerden Unique ID: 150158
  29. Miss Jacoba Johanna van Heerden Unique ID: 150160
  30. Miss Maghreta Angela Adriana van Heerden Unique ID: 150161
  31. Mrs Maria Johanna Venter Unique ID: 151607

Acknowledgments: The project was funded by the Wellcome Trust, which is not responsible for the contents of the database. The help of the following research assistants is gratefully acknowledged: Ryna Boshoff, Murray Gorman, Janie Grobler, Marelize Grobler, Luke Humby, Clare O’Reilly Jacomina Roose, Elsa Strydom, Mary van Blerk. Thanks also go to Peter Dennis for the design of the original database and to Dr Iain Smith, co-grantholder.