BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Farm Details
Name:Diepspruit / Deefspruit [unclear] / Diep Spruit
Persons on Farm
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  1. Master Jacobus Johannes Bezuidenhout Unique ID: 85940
  2. Mr Petrus Johannes Bezuidenhout Unique ID: 86049
  3. Miss Anna Dorothea Booyens (Boojens) Unique ID: 146045
  4. Miss Elzie Hendrina Booyens (Boojens, Ellie Hendrina) Unique ID: 146047
  5. Miss Helena Aletta Francina Booyens (Helena A F ) Unique ID: 146046
  6. Mrs Johanna Magdalena Booyens (Boojens, Johanna Magd) Unique ID: 146042
  7. Miss Johanna Magdalena Booyens (Boojens, Johanna Magd) Unique ID: 146043
  8. Miss Maria Elizabeth Booyens (Booyjens ) Unique ID: 146044
  9. Master Peter George Booyens (Booiens, Peter George; P A) Unique ID: 146048
  10. Miss Anna Elizabeth Johanna Botha Unique ID: 85780
  11. Mrs Anna Maria Elizabeth Botha (Mrs Johannes Petrus) Unique ID: 85779
  12. Miss Catherina Botha Unique ID: 149365
  13. Miss Hendrina Susanna Botha Unique ID: 149366
  14. Mrs Johanna Magdalena Botha Unique ID: 149364
  15. Miss Johanna Magdalena Botha (Johanna Magdalina ) Unique ID: 85781
  16. Mr Johannes Petrus Botha Unique ID: 174539
  17. Miss Katrina Elizabeth Botha Unique ID: 147198
  18. Miss Martha Elizabeth Botha Unique ID: 85782
  19. Miss Martha Maria Botha Unique ID: 149367
  20. Miss Aletta Katrina Eliz Britz (van Aaswegen, Aletta Katrina Elizabeth; Aletta Catrina) Unique ID: 149386
  21. Miss Anna Maria Cornelia M Jordaan (Jordan, Anna Cornelia Mag) Unique ID: 147193
  22. Mrs Anna Sophia Jordaan (Jordan) Unique ID: 147189
  23. baby Jordaan (unchristened) Unique ID: 147197
  24. Miss Cornelia Maghrita Jordaan (Cornelia Margaretha ) Unique ID: 147191
  25. Miss Ella Hendrina Jordaan (Jordan) Unique ID: 147194
  26. Master Hermanus Jacobus Jordaan (Jordan) Unique ID: 147195
  27. Master Jan Dirk Johannes Jordaan Unique ID: 147196
  28. Miss Johanna Magdalena Jordaan Unique ID: 147190
  29. Master Pieter George Jordaan (Jordan) Unique ID: 147192
  30. Miss Wilhelmina Johanna Jordaan Unique ID: 11726
  31. Mrs Catherina Cornelia Pienaar Unique ID: 150881
  32. Master Jacob Johannes Pienaar Unique ID: 150882
  33. Miss Martha Catherina Pienaar Unique ID: 150883
  34. Mr Nicholas Christian Johannes Pienaar Unique ID: 150884
  35. Master Martines Prinsloo Unique ID: 173272
  36. Master Nicolaas Petrus Prinsloo Unique ID: 173271
  37. Miss Baby Rudolph Unique ID: 173270
  38. Mrs Maria Magdalena Rudolph Unique ID: 173269
  39. Miss Aletta Maria van Dijk Unique ID: 146456
  40. Miss Anna Cornelia Maghrita van Dijk (Anna Cornelia Margaretha; Anna M ) Unique ID: 146457
  41. Mrs Anna Cornelia Maghrita van Dijk (van Dyk, Anna Cornelia) Unique ID: 146453
  42. Master Christoffel Johannes van Dijk Unique ID: 146462
  43. Mr Hendrik Beltazer van Dyk Unique ID: 149617
  44. Mr Johannes Arnoldus van Dyk Unique ID: 149618
  45. Mr Marthinus Johannes van Dyk Unique ID: 149619

Acknowledgments: The project was funded by the Wellcome Trust, which is not responsible for the contents of the database. The help of the following research assistants is gratefully acknowledged: Ryna Boshoff, Murray Gorman, Janie Grobler, Marelize Grobler, Luke Humby, Clare O’Reilly Jacomina Roose, Elsa Strydom, Mary van Blerk. Thanks also go to Peter Dennis for the design of the original database and to Dr Iain Smith, co-grantholder.