BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Farm Details
Name:Otterfontein / Ottofontein
Persons on Farm
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  1. Mrs Hester Margarieta Eloff Unique ID: 138632
  2. Mr Jan Adrian Eloff Unique ID: 138634
  3. Master Johannes Eloff Unique ID: 138636
  4. native Eloff Unique ID: 138637
  5. Mr Sarel Joh Eloff Unique ID: 138633
  6. Miss Susanna Eloff Unique ID: 138635
  7. Master Adolf Jacobus Jonker Unique ID: 172807
  8. Mrs Johanna Danielina Jonker Unique ID: 172806
  9. Francina Kruger Unique ID: 12552
  10. Master Johannes Kruger (Johannes Lodewikus; J F) Unique ID: 139872
  11. Mr Johannes Loodewyk Kruger Unique ID: 145440
  12. Miss Martha Kruger Unique ID: 139871
  13. Mrs Martha Magdalina Kruger (Martha Elizabeth) Unique ID: 139870
  14. Master Abram Johannes Lourens Unique ID: 172906
  15. Miss Elsie Cornelia Lourens Unique ID: 172907
  16. Miss Johanna Cristina Lourens Unique ID: 172904
  17. Miss Magdalena Margrita Lourens Unique ID: 172903
  18. Mrs Magdalena Margrita Lourens Unique ID: 172902
  19. Master Matthijs Johannes Lourens Unique ID: 172905
  20. baby Pitter Unique ID: 142252
  21. Mrs Helena Susanna Pitter Unique ID: 142251
  22. Ms Johanna Robbertse Unique ID: 17454
  23. Miss Anna B M Robertse Unique ID: 142922
  24. Miss Elsie Doth Robertse Unique ID: 142919
  25. Master Gert S Robertse Unique ID: 142921
  26. Miss Johanna Sop Robertse (Robbertse, J; female) Unique ID: 142920
  27. Mrs Margarieta Johanna Eliz Robertse Unique ID: 142918
  28. Master Jacob Johannes Trichard Unique ID: 20165

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