BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Farm Details
Name:Rietfontein / Reitfontein
Persons on Farm
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  1. Mr Barend Jacobus Gert W du Plessis (Barend Jacobus Gerhardus Wessel) Unique ID: 142032
  2. Miss Anna M Krug Unique ID: 139838
  3. Miss Cornelia Krug Unique ID: 139835
  4. Miss Helena Cath Krug Unique ID: 139837
  5. Master Hermanius Joh Krug Unique ID: 139836
  6. Miss Johanna P Krug Unique ID: 139839
  7. Mrs Martha Maria Krug Unique ID: 139833
  8. Miss Susana H E Krug Unique ID: 139834
  9. Mrs Hester Mensina Cath Landsberg Unique ID: 140337
  10. Miss Petronella Sophia Landsberg Unique ID: 140338
  11. Miss Magdalena Sofia Anna Louw Unique ID: 140600
  12. Miss Anna Eliz Potgieter Unique ID: 141843
  13. Miss Hela Maria Mag Potgieter (Heilitje Maria) Unique ID: 141840
  14. Master Jacobus C Potgieter Unique ID: 141845
  15. Miss Jenetta Johanna Potgieter (Jeanetta) Unique ID: 141841
  16. Miss Levina Cath Marg Potgieter (Levina) Unique ID: 141842
  17. Miss Maria Potgieter Unique ID: 141844
  18. Miss Anna Chris Robertse Unique ID: 142871
  19. Miss Catherina Eliz Robertse Unique ID: 142868
  20. Miss Delena J Robertse Unique ID: 142872
  21. Master Josef Jac Robertse Unique ID: 142869
  22. Miss Petronella S Robertse Unique ID: 142870
  23. Mrs Petronella Sophia Robertse Unique ID: 142867
  24. Master Jan Hendrik Rossouw Unique ID: 142949

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