BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Farm Details
Name:Dwaarsspruit / Dwarsspruit / Dwarspruit
Persons on Farm
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  1. Miss Anna Jac Hen G Grundling Unique ID: 139019
  2. Miss Catherina Grundling Unique ID: 139023
  3. Miss Elizabeth H Grundling Unique ID: 139020
  4. Mrs Elizabeth Helena Grundling Unique ID: 139018
  5. Master Johannes M Grundling Unique ID: 139021
  6. Master Nicolaas Jac Grundling Unique ID: 139022
  7. Miss . . . Jacoba Harmse Unique ID: 139336
  8. Miss Anna C Harmse (A M ) Unique ID: 139332
  9. Miss Catherina Lev Harmse Unique ID: 139328
  10. Mrs Cornelia Harmse (Cornelia Hester) Unique ID: 139334
  11. Mr David Harmse Unique ID: 145396
  12. Master Dedrick Harmse (Diederick [DBC 75]) Unique ID: 139333
  13. Miss Gertruida Sop Harmse Unique ID: 139329
  14. Miss Getruida M Harmse Unique ID: 139335
  15. Mr Michael Johannes Harmse Unique ID: 145395
  16. Master Reinier Joh Harmse Unique ID: 139330
  17. Mrs Susara Aletta Harmse Unique ID: 139327
  18. Miss Susarah A Harmse (Susara [DBC 75]) Unique ID: 139331
  19. Mr Jan Simon Fredrik Helsdingen (van Helsdingen, Simon Fred) Unique ID: 139352
  20. Mr Johannes Guillam Helsdingen (van Helsdingen) Unique ID: 139421
  21. Master Johannes M Helsdingen (van Helsdingen) Unique ID: 139508
  22. Miss Martha L S Helsdingen (van Helsdingen; Martha L L ) Unique ID: 139509
  23. Mrs Martha Levina Louisa Helsdingen (van Helsdingen) Unique ID: 139507
  24. Master Petrus J Helsdingen (van Helsdingen) Unique ID: 139510
  25. Mrs Engela Elizabeth Marais Unique ID: 140714
  26. Miss Susana Marais Unique ID: 140715
  27. Mr Isaac Johannes Visser (Izaac Johannes) Unique ID: 144664

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