BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Farm Details

Owner: Hendrik Botha; burnt for laying waste country used as base by enemy [Source: Cd 524, p.6]

Persons on Farm
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  1. Master Daniel Cronje Unique ID: 153597
  2. Master Daniel Lodewicus Cronje Unique ID: 24263
  3. Miss Heila Cronje Unique ID: 153599
  4. Miss Heila Margarita Cronje Unique ID: 24256
  5. Miss Margarita Isabella Cronje Unique ID: 24264
  6. Miss Margeretha Cronje Unique ID: 153598
  7. Mrs Maria Helena Cronje Unique ID: 153596
  8. Miss Diedrika Johanna Christina Hattingh Unique ID: 25790
  9. Miss Evelyna Maud Holmes Unique ID: 97513
  10. Miss Frances Sarah Ann Holmes Unique ID: 97515
  11. Miss Lydia Amy Holmes Unique ID: 97516
  12. Miss Margaret Louisa Gladys Holmes Unique ID: 97514
  13. Mrs Mary Anna Holmes Unique ID: 97512
  14. Master Rubin Thomas Holmes Unique ID: 97517
  15. Master Samuel Aldom Holmes Unique ID: 97518
  16. Master Ernest Henry Merwe (Holmes) Unique ID: 97519
  17. Master Philippus Petrus Andries Nienaber (Philippus Petrus Arnoldus) Unique ID: 29038
  18. Master Philippus Petrus Andries Nienaber (Philippus Petrus Arnoldus) Unique ID: 29038
  19. Ms Dorothea Schoeman Unique ID: 160486
  20. Mrs Margaretha Isab Schoeman Unique ID: 160485
  21. Master David van Eeden Unique ID: 153975
  22. Miss Elizabeth van Eeden Unique ID: 153951
  23. Master Gert van Eeden Unique ID: 153971
  24. Mrs Isabella Margaretha van Eeden Unique ID: 153968
  25. Master Jacob van Eeden Unique ID: 153969
  26. Master Jan van Eeden Unique ID: 153974
  27. Miss Margaretha van Eeden Unique ID: 153970
  28. Master Piet van Eeden Unique ID: 153973
  29. Master Stephanus van Eeden Unique ID: 153972

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