BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Farm Details
Notes:also spelt Platkoppies
Persons on Farm
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  1. Mrs William Morkel du Preez Unique ID: 117703
  2. Miss Celia Maria Margretta Kruger ( Celya M ) Unique ID: 118680
  3. Master Gert Ludewicus Kruger (Gert L ) Unique ID: 118668
  4. Mr Gert Ludewicus Kruger Unique ID: 118673
  5. Mrs Gert Ludewicus Kruger Unique ID: 118674
  6. Master Gert Ludewicus Kruger Unique ID: 118679
  7. Master Hans Kruger Unique ID: 118666
  8. Mr Hendrik Bernardus Kruger Unique ID: 118682
  9. Miss Hester Lucia Sophia Kruger Unique ID: 118675
  10. Master Jacob Kruger Unique ID: 118667
  11. Miss Jacobina Hendrina Johanna Kruger Unique ID: 118678
  12. Master Jan Kruger Unique ID: 118664
  13. Ms Johanna Hendrina Kruger Unique ID: 118681
  14. Miss Katrina Elizabeth Kruger Unique ID: 118677
  15. Miss Maria Jacoba Kruger Unique ID: 118665
  16. Mrs Piet Kruger Unique ID: 118663
  17. Mr Pieter Frans Kruger Unique ID: 118726
  18. Master Pieter Frans Kruger Unique ID: 118676
  19. Miss Celia Maria Margretha Muller Unique ID: 119043
  20. Mr Cornelius Anthony Michel Muller Unique ID: 119039
  21. Miss Francina Elizabeth Muller Unique ID: 119042
  22. Miss Hester Lucia Sophia Muller Unique ID: 119041
  23. Mrs Hester Lucia Sophia Muller Unique ID: 119040
  24. Master Gerthardus Uckerman Unique ID: 120471
  25. Miss Johanna B Uckerman Unique ID: 120473
  26. Master Johannes N Uckerman Unique ID: 120475
  27. Master Martin P Uckerman Unique ID: 120472
  28. Master William Hendrick Uckerman Unique ID: 120474
  29. Mrs William Hendrick Uckerman Unique ID: 120470

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