BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Farm Details
Name:Leeuwspruit / Leuwspruit

Owner: C J Botha; used as a postion whence our troops were fired on [Source: Cd 524, p.18]

Persons on Farm
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  1. Miss Antonetta Johanna Botha (Antonetta Johanna Hendrina) Unique ID: 149179
  2. Master Jacobus Johannes Brits Unique ID: 2403
  3. Miss Cecilia Buijs Unique ID: 117266
  4. Mrs Jacobus Philipus Buijs Unique ID: 117263
  5. Mr Jacobus Philipus Buijs (Buys; Jacobus Philippus) Unique ID: 117262
  6. Master Johannes Theodorus Buijs Unique ID: 117265
  7. Miss Susarah Maria Buijs Unique ID: 117264
  8. Miss Antonetta Johanna Hendrina Buys (Buis) Unique ID: 149175
  9. Miss Cornelia Maghretta Buys (Buis. Cornelia Maghrita) Unique ID: 149177
  10. Mrs Cornelia Maghrita Buys (Buis) Unique ID: 149174
  11. Master Isaac Daniel Buys (Buis, Izak Daniel) Unique ID: 149178
  12. Miss Susarrah Maria Buys (Buis, Susana Maria) Unique ID: 149176
  13. baby de Villiers Unique ID: 120534
  14. Mr Cornelius Janse de Villiers Unique ID: 120519
  15. Master Henry de Villiers Unique ID: 120530
  16. Miss Malas de Villiers ((may be a male)) Unique ID: 120531
  17. Miss Mona de Villiers Unique ID: 120532
  18. Mr Pieter H de Villiers Unique ID: 116097
  19. Mr Pieter Hendrick de Villiers Unique ID: 120528
  20. Mrs Pieter Hendrick de Villiers Unique ID: 120529
  21. Miss Alletta Human (de Villiers) Unique ID: 120533

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