BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Farm Details
Name:Klipkop / Klip Kop

Owners: J H F Fouri, J J Senekal; for harbouring and feeding Boers who were seen to leave these houses. Also these men had passes, but both were absent, but came in and surrendered next day, and were sent in to Pretoria [Source: Cd 524, p.13]

Persons on Farm
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  1. Miss Catharina Maria Barnard Unique ID: 2848
  2. Miss Elsie Magdalena Barnard Unique ID: 125228
  3. Master Gerhardus Jacobus Barnard (Gerhardes Jacobus) Unique ID: 125225
  4. Miss Gertbrecht Barnard Unique ID: 125227
  5. Miss Jacoba Fredrica Barnard (Jacs Fredk) Unique ID: 2868
  6. Master Jacobus Frederik Barnard Unique ID: 125230
  7. Mrs Johanna Magrieta Barnard (Johanna Margrieta) Unique ID: 125224
  8. Miss Johanna Maria Barnard Unique ID: 125229
  9. Miss Maria Magdalena Barnard Unique ID: 125231
  10. Miss Susanna Josina Barnard (Susanna Gesina Maria) Unique ID: 125226
  11. Miss Elizabetha de Beer Unique ID: 125223
  12. Mrs Magrieta Elizabeth de Beer (Margrita Elizabeth) Unique ID: 125221
  13. Master Michiel Frederik de Beer (Magiel Fredrik) Unique ID: 125222
  14. Miss Johanna Petronella du Plessis Unique ID: 15945
  15. Ms Anna M Fourie Unique ID: 126372
  16. Mrs Gertruida E Senekal Unique ID: 130858
  17. Master Jacobus F Senekal (Jakobus Frederik ) Unique ID: 130859
  18. Master Johannes Jakobus Senekal Unique ID: 18397
  19. Master Phillip J Senekal (Philipus Jakobus) Unique ID: 130860
  20. Miss Catharina Helena Snyman (Helena Catha) Unique ID: 18824
  21. Miss Hester Magritha Cornelia Snyman Unique ID: 18825
  22. Mr Jacobus Fredrik Snyman Unique ID: 130958
  23. Mr Lukas Martinus Snyman Unique ID: 130967
  24. Mrs Helena Susara van Rensberg Unique ID: 143100
  25. Mr Janse Robert Wison van Rensberg (Robert Wison) Unique ID: 143099
  26. Master Robert Wison van Rensberg (Robert W) Unique ID: 143102
  27. Miss Sara Maria van Rensberg (Susara) Unique ID: 143101
  28. Miss Catrina Helena van Rensburg Unique ID: 17205
  29. Ms Hester Magritha J van Rensburg Unique ID: 17204
  30. Ms Aletta van Staden Unique ID: 18967

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