BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Farm Details

Owner: A Mandy; outhouse only containing mealies [Source: Cd 524, p.5]

Persons on Farm
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  1. Master Johannes Josids Brooks ( Brookes) Unique ID: 116464
  2. Mrs Aleta Brooks (A E) Unique ID: 116462
  3. Miss Betsy Brooks Unique ID: 116458
  4. Mr Jacob Cornelius Brooks Unique ID: 116755
  5. Master Joe Brooks (J C) Unique ID: 116457
  6. Miss Katie Brooks (C M C) Unique ID: 116455
  7. Miss Maria Brooks (M J) Unique ID: 116463
  8. Miss Maria Brooks (M J) Unique ID: 116454
  9. Mrs Maria Brooks (M J) Unique ID: 116453
  10. Miss Violet Brooks (A M) Unique ID: 116456
  11. Mr Hendrick Marais Unique ID: 116760
  12. Miss Hendrina Marais (A S) Unique ID: 116467
  13. Miss Johanna Marais (J S) Unique ID: 116466
  14. Mrs Maria Marais (M J) Unique ID: 116465
  15. Miss Martha Marais (M J J) Unique ID: 116468
  16. Miss Susana Marais (S J D) Unique ID: 116469
  17. Mr Hendrik Marias (Marais) Unique ID: 115144
  18. Mr Adriaan Matthys Johannes Rall Unique ID: 30319
  19. Mr Adrian M Rall Unique ID: 115145
  20. Master Adrian M J Rall Unique ID: 115147
  21. Miss Elizabeth B Rall (Elizabeth Magdelena) Unique ID: 115151
  22. Master Frederick R Rall (Frederick Rynhard) Unique ID: 115153
  23. Miss Maria E Rall (Maria Elizabeth) Unique ID: 115149
  24. Miss Maria J Rall (Maria Jacoba) Unique ID: 115148
  25. Mrs Martina M Rall (Marthina Magdelena A) Unique ID: 115146
  26. Miss Martina M Rall (Martina Magdelena Aletta) Unique ID: 115150
  27. Miss Peternella J Rall (Petronella Johanna) Unique ID: 115152
  28. Miss Susanna J Rall (Susana Johanna) Unique ID: 115154
  29. Master Philip Johannes Swart ( Philip Johs ) Unique ID: 116461
  30. Miss Dina Swart (D J) Unique ID: 116460
  31. Mrs Dina Swart (D J) Unique ID: 116459
  32. Master Lourens Uys Unique ID: 116470
  33. Master Petrus Uys Unique ID: 116471

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