BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Farm Details

Farm 8 miles NW of Utrecht, S of Belelas Berg; Owner: Field Cornet, now Commandant Truter; this farm was destroyed on account of a patrol being fired on from the farm after being civilly treated by the women of the farmhouse. (When destroyed it contained no supplies; what small quantity there was were taken away by the inhabitants when removed at the time of burning.) [Source, Cd 524, p.11]

Persons on Farm
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  1. Miss Anna Catrina de Merwe Unique ID: 170836
  2. Mr Cornelius de Merwe Unique ID: 170831
  3. Mr Cornelius de Merwe Unique ID: 170838
  4. Miss Elsie Peternella de Merwe Unique ID: 170835
  5. Mrs Ester Maria de Merwe Unique ID: 170832
  6. Master Hendrick Johannes de Merwe Unique ID: 170837
  7. Mr Martinus de Merwe Unique ID: 170833
  8. Miss Susana Elizabeth de Merwe Unique ID: 170834
  9. Mr Christian Petrus Pieterse Unique ID: 170839
  10. Miss Christina Petronella Pieterse Unique ID: 15595
  11. Master David Jacobus Pieterse Unique ID: 171340
  12. Miss Elizabeth Pieterse Unique ID: 171345
  13. Miss Hester Johanna Pieterse Unique ID: 171341
  14. Miss Louisa Sophia Pieterse Unique ID: 171339
  15. Mr Nicholas Theodorus Pieterse Unique ID: 171346
  16. Miss Peternella Hendricka Pieterse Unique ID: 171344
  17. Master Rudolph Theunis Pieterse Unique ID: 171343
  18. Mrs Susana Johanna Pieterse Unique ID: 171338
  19. Miss Susana Johanna Pieterse Unique ID: 171342
  20. Mr Cornelis Peterus M Truter (Cornelius Petrus M [DBC 108]) Unique ID: 165658
  21. Master Joas Credian Truter (Joachim G) Unique ID: 20171
  22. Master T J Truter Unique ID: 165660

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