BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Farm Details
Notes:Also spelt as Dry Kraal
Persons on Farm
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  1. Mrs Catrina Maria Alletta Cookemoers (Koekemoer, Catharina Maria Alletta) Unique ID: 113194
  2. Master Diederick Johannes Cookemoers Unique ID: 113195
  3. Mr Jacobus Malan Weynand Cookemoers (Koekemoer) Unique ID: 113193
  4. Miss Margrita Cornelia Cookemoers Unique ID: 113198
  5. Master Martinus Wessel Cookemoers Unique ID: 113196
  6. Miss Neeltje Cornelia Cookemoers (Koekemoer; Noitje Cornelia) Unique ID: 113197
  7. Miss Annie Groenewald Unique ID: 114647
  8. Master David Schalk Johannes Groenewald Unique ID: 114645
  9. Mrs Hendrikka Petronella Groenewald Unique ID: 114644
  10. Master John Groenewald Unique ID: 114648
  11. Master Stoffel Groenewald Unique ID: 114646
  12. Miss Elsie Catharina Kitson (Kidson, Elsie Gertruida) Unique ID: 113038
  13. Mrs Elsie Gertruda Kitson (Kidson, Elsie C) Unique ID: 113037
  14. Master Flemming Park Kitson Unique ID: 113171
  15. Miss Maria Maria Kitson Unique ID: 113174
  16. Mrs Racina Catrina Kitson Unique ID: 113170
  17. Miss Racina Catrina Iuletta Kitson Unique ID: 113175
  18. Miss Susanah Catrina Kitson Unique ID: 113176
  19. Miss Annie le Roux Unique ID: 114637
  20. Miss Estha le Roux (Esther) Unique ID: 114640
  21. Miss Jacomina le Roux Unique ID: 114636
  22. Mrs Jacomina Hendrina Christina le Roux Unique ID: 114635
  23. Master John le Roux Unique ID: 114643
  24. Miss Judith le Roux Unique ID: 114641
  25. Miss Martha le Roux Unique ID: 114639
  26. Miss Paulina le Roux Unique ID: 114642
  27. Miss Susanna le Roux Unique ID: 114638
  28. Miss Cornelia Catrina Peterse Unique ID: 113036
  29. Mrs Elsie Catrada Peterse (Pieterse) Unique ID: 113034
  30. Master John Frederick Peterse (Cornelia Catrina; Petersen, Johan Frederik) Unique ID: 113035
  31. Master Cornelius Dirk Potgieter (Cornelis D) Unique ID: 112946
  32. Ms Elizabetah Johanna Christina Potgieter Unique ID: 114649
  33. Master Jacobus Johannes Potgieter Unique ID: 112945
  34. Mrs Johanna Christina Wilhelmina Potgieter (Johanna C W) Unique ID: 112944
  35. Mr Carel Petrus Steenkamp Unique ID: 88923
  36. Master Petrus Johannes D Steenkamp Unique ID: 19084
  37. Miss Cornelia Christina van Wyk (Cornelia Catrina) Unique ID: 22011
  38. Master Josefus Theodrus Johannes van Wyk Unique ID: 113470
  39. Mrs Catrina Elizabeth Wolmarans Unique ID: 112965
  40. Miss Cornelia Wolmarans Unique ID: 112966
  41. Mr Lewis Stefanus Jacobus Wolmarans (Louis Stephanus Jacobus) Unique ID: 112964
  42. Miss Martha Wolmarans Unique ID: 112967
  43. Miss Minnie Wolmarans Unique ID: 112968

Acknowledgments: The project was funded by the Wellcome Trust, which is not responsible for the contents of the database. The help of the following research assistants is gratefully acknowledged: Ryna Boshoff, Murray Gorman, Janie Grobler, Marelize Grobler, Luke Humby, Clare O’Reilly Jacomina Roose, Elsa Strydom, Mary van Blerk. Thanks also go to Peter Dennis for the design of the original database and to Dr Iain Smith, co-grantholder.