BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Farm Details
Name:Prinslookraal / Prinslooskraal / Prinslooskraalboom
Size:2000 morgen

Owners: G Fourie; C Fourie, W Fourie, A Fourie; order to lay waste the Doornberg district [Source: Cd 524, p.10]

Owner: G Fourie; order to lay waste the Doornberg district [Source: Cd 524, p.10]

Persons on Farm
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  1. Miss Agatha Maria Marga Fourie (Agatha N M) Unique ID: 57617
  2. Mrs Aletha Maria Fourie (Aletta M) Unique ID: 57653
  3. Miss Anna Marg Sus Fourie (Anna M S) Unique ID: 57616
  4. Mrs Catharine E Fourie (Catha Eliz) Unique ID: 57778
  5. Master David Ignatius Hendrik Fourie Unique ID: 57657
  6. Mrs Elsie Maria Fourie Unique ID: 101728
  7. Mrs Elsie Maria Fourie Unique ID: 57775
  8. Miss Jacoba Johanna Fourie Unique ID: 57656
  9. Miss Jacoba Johanna Fourie Unique ID: 57613
  10. Master Jacobus Stephanus Fourie Unique ID: 57654
  11. Mr Johannes M Fourie Unique ID: 57774
  12. Mr Johannes Marthinus Fourie Unique ID: 101271
  13. Mr Johns Marth Fourie Unique ID: 101727
  14. Miss Mar Magdalena G Fourie Unique ID: 57777
  15. Miss Maria Eliz Sus Fourie (Maria E S) Unique ID: 57614
  16. Miss Maria Mag Fourie (Maria) Unique ID: 101729
  17. Miss Maria Magdalena Gertruda Fourie (Maria Magdalena; Maria Magdalena Gert) Unique ID: 57776
  18. Miss Petronella Johanna Fourie (Petronella J) Unique ID: 57615
  19. Miss Susana Catharina Fourie (Sus Catha) Unique ID: 57612
  20. Miss Susanna S Fourie Unique ID: 57655
  21. Mrs Wilhelmina Jacoba Fourie (Wilhelmina J) Unique ID: 57611
  22. Miss Anna Marg S le Roux (Roux; Anna Marg) Unique ID: 57784
  23. Miss Elsie E Magdalena le Roux (Roux; Ellie Mag) Unique ID: 57783
  24. Miss Jacoba Johanna le Roux (Roux) Unique ID: 57780
  25. Mrs Jacoba Johanna le Roux (Roux) Unique ID: 57779
  26. Master Jacobus Stephanus le Roux (Roux) Unique ID: 57785
  27. Miss Marie E Sus le Roux (Roux; Maria) Unique ID: 57782
  28. Miss Susana Sophia le Roux (Roux; Susanna) Unique ID: 57781

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