BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Farm Details
Name:Rietgat / Reetgat
Persons on Farm
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  1. Mr Barend Burger Unique ID: 97867
  2. Mrs Elizabeth Susannah Burger Unique ID: 97868
  3. Miss Johanna Maria Magdalena Burger (Johanna Maria) Unique ID: 97869
  4. Master Philippus Johannes de Bruin (Ph Jeremias) Unique ID: 23641
  5. Miss Aletta Helena Dorothea de Klerk Unique ID: 95306
  6. Master Andries Cornelis de Klerk Unique ID: 95307
  7. Miss Elizabetha Jacoba de Klerk Unique ID: 95304
  8. Miss Hester Aletta de Klerk Unique ID: 95305
  9. Master Jan Albert de Klerk Unique ID: 95308
  10. Mrs Lesia Francina de Klerk Unique ID: 95302
  11. Miss Lesia Francina de Klerk Unique ID: 95303
  12. Miss Meisje de Klerk (L C) Unique ID: 95309
  13. Mrs Alettha Sophia Susanna Kotze Unique ID: 99774
  14. Ms Hester Kotze Unique ID: 99775
  15. Master Johannes Kotze Unique ID: 99777
  16. Master John Kotze Unique ID: 99776
  17. Master Nicholas Jacobus Kotze (kind van Mrs Aletta Sophia, Nicholas Jacs, Herculaas Jacs Kotze) Unique ID: 99780
  18. Master Pieter Kotze (Kotzee, kind van Mrs Aletta Sophia sus Kotze) Unique ID: 99781
  19. Miss Rachel Elizabeth Maria Kotze (Rachel; Kotzee, Rachel M M) Unique ID: 99779
  20. Miss Willemina Kotze Unique ID: 99778
  21. Mr Dirk Jacobus Johannes Kotzee Unique ID: 27137
  22. Ms Hester Johanna Kruger Unique ID: 27383
  23. Mr William Olivier Lepan (William; Leppan; Lepen) Unique ID: 44558
  24. Mrs Anna Margaretha Leppan Unique ID: 98042
  25. Miss Maria Susannah Leppan (Lappan, Maria Susanna Elizabeth) Unique ID: 98043
  26. Master William Oliver Leppan (Lappan) Unique ID: 98044
  27. Ms Elsie Chateriena J van Rensburg Unique ID: 30549

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