BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Farm Details
Name:Buffell Hoogte / Buffelhoogte / Buffelshoogte
Persons on Farm
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  1. Master Andries Jacs Botha (Andries Jacobus) Unique ID: 161360
  2. Master Barend Hermanus Botha (Bernardus Hermanus [DBC 107]) Unique ID: 161248
  3. Mr Barend Hermanus Botha (Bernardus Hermanus [DBC 107]) Unique ID: 161243
  4. Mr Bernardus Hermanus Botha Unique ID: 161407
  5. Master Frederick Coenrad Botha (Frederik Coenraad [DBC 107]) Unique ID: 161249
  6. Master Hermanus Botha Unique ID: 166342
  7. Mr Hermanus Jacobus Botha Unique ID: 161355
  8. Mrs Heyla Magdalena Botha Unique ID: 161244
  9. Miss Heyla Magdalena Botha Unique ID: 161251
  10. Mr Josiah (Joshua) Botha (Josua [DBC 107]) Unique ID: 161247
  11. Miss Margritha Ger Botha (Margrita Gertruida) Unique ID: 161357
  12. Mrs Maria Elizabetha Botha Unique ID: 161354
  13. Master Mattheus Jacobus Botha (Matthys Jacobus [DBC 107]) Unique ID: 161250
  14. Master Petrus Johannes Botha Unique ID: 161356
  15. Master Rudolph P Botha (Rudolf Philipus) Unique ID: 161358
  16. Master Theunis Ger Botha (Theunis Gerhardes) Unique ID: 161359
  17. Mr Theunis Louis Botha (Theunis Lewies [DBC 107]) Unique ID: 161245
  18. Miss Cornelia Susanna Coetzer Unique ID: 111121
  19. Miss Cornelia Susanna Johanna Aletta Coetzer Unique ID: 86088
  20. Miss Elizabeth Helena Coetzer (Elizabeth H) Unique ID: 111122
  21. Miss Elizabeth Helena Coetzer Unique ID: 86089
  22. Master Gerardus Stephanus Coetzer Unique ID: 111125
  23. Master Gerhardus Stefanus Coetzer Unique ID: 86086
  24. Miss Helia Magdalena Coetzer (Heila?) Unique ID: 111123
  25. Miss Hyla Magdalena Coetzer Unique ID: 86090
  26. Miss Maria Catharina Coetzer Unique ID: 86091
  27. Mrs Maria Catherina Coetzer Unique ID: 111119
  28. Miss Maria Catherina Coetzer Unique ID: 111124
  29. Miss Marthina Elsie Johanna Coetzer Unique ID: 86087
  30. Miss Martina Elsie Coetzer Unique ID: 111120
  31. Mrs Wessel Christoffel Coetzer Unique ID: 86085
  32. Mrs Albertus Abraham Janse van Rensburg Unique ID: 87973
  33. Miss Francina Wilhelmina Janse van Rensburg Unique ID: 87976
  34. Master Frederik Johannes Janse van Rensburg Unique ID: 87974
  35. Miss Maria Catharina Janse van Rensburg Unique ID: 87975
  36. Miss Henelia Jacoba Joubert (Hennelia Jacoba; may be married) Unique ID: 111661
  37. Master Johannes Jacobus Joubert Unique ID: 86650
  38. Mr Pieter Gabriel Joubert Unique ID: 111705
  39. Mrs Willem Adrian Joubert Unique ID: 86649
  40. Master Carl Steinberg Lizard (Leyard) Unique ID: 173343
  41. Miss Anna Francina Roux (Anna Elisabeth) Unique ID: 71344
  42. Master Antonie Petrus Roux (Antony Petrus; Anthony Petrus) Unique ID: 71348
  43. Mrs Cornelia Isabella Roux (Mrs Daniel Joseph) Unique ID: 71343
  44. Master Daniel Joseph Roux Unique ID: 71346
  45. Mr Daniel Josephus Roux (Daniel Joseph) Unique ID: 71342
  46. Master Johannes Petrus Roux Unique ID: 71349
  47. Master Lucas Petrus Roux (Lukas Petrus) Unique ID: 71347
  48. Master Willem Jacobus Roux Unique ID: 114677
  49. Miss Aletha Maria Swanepoel (Aletta Maria [DBC 107]) Unique ID: 165371
  50. Miss Anna Margaritha Swanepoel Unique ID: 165367
  51. Master Hendrik Alexander Swanepoel Unique ID: 165370
  52. Mr Hendrik Frederick Swanepoel Unique ID: 165365
  53. Mrs Hester Carolina Swanepoel (Hester Helena [DBC 107]) Unique ID: 165366
  54. Miss Hester Johanna Swanepoel (Hester Maria [DBC 107]) Unique ID: 165368
  55. Miss Margaritha Susanna Swanepoel Unique ID: 165369
  56. Mrs Catherina Jacoba Viljoen (Mrs Hermanus Cornelius Marthinus; Catharina Jacoba) Unique ID: 111659
  57. Miss Henelia Jacoba Viljoen (Peter Gabriel; Joubert; Helena Jacoba; Hennilia Jacoba) Unique ID: 111662
  58. Master Pieter Gabriel Viljoen (Peter) Unique ID: 111660

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